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In the nanomaterials & imaging lab, we investigate and develop the next-generation high-performance nanomaterials. Such materials will be low-cost to produce, yet very versatile and multi-functional.

Principal Investigator of the Group is Prof. Hannes Schniepp



May 2014 Prof. Schniepp is the recipient of an NSF CAREER Award from the U. S. National Science Foundation (award #DMR-1352542) . The award will provide a total of $450,000 over 5 years to investigate the ribbon silk of the loxosceles spider.
Mar 2014 Discovery Channel Canada airs a TV feature of our brown recluse silk project in their science show Daily Planet (7:00 pm show on March 10).
Mar 2014 William & Mary produces the 4-minute video story In the lab: 'Milking' brown recluse spiders for silk about our work on brown recluse spider silk.
Feb 2014 Our work reporting the first large-scale exfoliation of hexagonal Boron Nitride nanosheets is published in Small.
Feb 2014 Hannes Schniepp is awarded Tenure at the College of William & Mary and promoted to the rank of Associated Professor.
Dec 2013 Advanced Materials features our brown recluse silk paper out of all communications of the Dec 23 issue with a full-page frontispiece.
Nov 2013 We present several papers at the 2013 Fall MRS Meeting in Boston, MA on topics including self-organization of silk protein and the loxosceles ribbon silk.
Oct 2013 Chemical & Engineering News features our paper on the recluse spider silk in their October 28 issue.
Oct 2013 Virginia Gazette features our research on the silk of the brown recluse spider with a story and photos in their October 19 issue.
Oct 2013 The Daily Press, Hampton Roads' big newspaper, prominently features our research on the recluse spider silk with a long online article, accompanied with pictures and a video interview. In the print edition, our story had a large title page feature in the Oct 15 issue.
Oct 2013 The WIRED magazine highlights our research on the silk of the brown recluse spider with an exciting article.
Sep 2013 The prestigious journal Advanced Materials accepts our landmark article on the silk of the brown recluse spider for publication. We are the first to study the mechanical properties of this exciting material.
Jul 2013 Hannes Schniepp will serve as the new Director of Graduate Studies for the Applied Science Department, starting September 01, 2013.
Jun 2013 Hannes Schniepp is named a member of the editorial board of the new journal Advances in Chemistry (Hindawi).
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